Announcing: find-selection


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The readme follows …

find-selection package for Atom Editor

Find the next or previous occurrence of the currently selected text with one keystroke. There is no need to bring up the file dialog.

The default key to find the next occurrence is Ctrl-F3 (find-selection:find-next) and to find the previous occurrence is Ctrl-Shift-F3 (find-selection:find-previous). The searches are not case sensitive.

If nothing is selected or there is no next occurrence of the selected text then
nothing will happen.

It will work when the find/replace dialog is showing but it doesn’t change anything in the dialog. It does not affect the value used by f3.

The functions are also available in the packages menu and in the editor context menu.


  • Add tests.
  • Support case-sensitive searches.
  • Insert selection into find dialog so next F3 uses the same text.

BTW: I am blown away by atom. I saw atom for the first time late last week. I read the documentation for creating packages this morning and had a working non-trivial package done this afternnon. And that includes a few hours trying to get the damn thing to publish. I am up to v0.9.0 from my original v0.1.0 because every failed apm publish command incremented the version.


If you run into this problem in the future, you can publish an already-existing tag by using the command apm publish --tag v0.1.0 (or whatever the tag is that you want to publish for that failed).


You aren’t going to believe this but I tried that and it didn’t work. It said it didn’t exist although it did and was the most current version. I have a very vanilla setup with no forks or branches.

I’ll start a list of various problems when i get the time. I suspect atom for windows isn’t as mature as for the Mac which may explain all the little bugs. However, none are hard to work around and I’ve already switched to atom as my full-time editor. I love love it.

I used webstorm for years which has been the best in class. I’ve got some more packages to implement like text drag/drop to match webstorm features. Do you think it is possible to implement text drag/drop outside of core?

Git support needs some love also. I’ll probably find more as I go along.


I’m pretty sure someone has mentioned this problem before here on the board. If I get a chance later, I’ll look for it.

Even if it isn’t possible outside of Core, you could always submit a PR to add it for Core. There’s already an Issue for it:


I’m pretty sure someone has mentioned this problem before here on the board.

I think I found that post. The user had forked something and the tag wasn’t the newest. You helped him fix that.


Yeah … some of these are starting to blur together :cry: