Announcement: Package Termination changes ownership

Mr. Fred Barclay has done a fine job to administrate work on his fork of platformio-atom-ide-terminal. His version of a ‘built-in’ terminal were kept functional (for Windows) where other terminal packages failed.

Mr. Barclay has handed over the reigns to bus-stop

Thank you @Fred-Barclay for your dedication, sweat and tears.
Good luck to bus-stop, whomever you may be.

The author has no link to persons mentioned within this post. The author do hope that the broken functionalities will be remedied to give Atom a proper& stable terminal.

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Oh wow! @snoop thank you for the kind words :blush:.

No worries, I’m still around. bus-stop is an “umbrella project,” so to speak, between me and another chap (@the-j0k3r). All that’s really changed is that there’s extra help and more eyes on the code, and a better way to group similar projects and dependencies… and also the chance to improve the code as we both have similar projects :slight_smile:

On that note… it appears that platformio-atom-ide-terminal will be archived soon as the main developer wants to shift all future focus to VS Code. @the-j0k3r has forked that repo (also to bus-stop) and it’s been renamed terminus. It’s UI is a bit different but the underlying code is practically identical (minus a few customisations) so if anyone doesn’t like the Termination UI, I’d recommend checking this one out instead.

Thanks again! It’s been a great few years, and hopefully we’ll have many more to come.


@Fred-Barclay, it is a pleasure to hear your exciting news.

It is fair to acknowledge that platformio has had a huge positive influence on the fork Termination you have nurtured.

I am sure that the bus-stop group would welcome people to make themselves available to strengthen the cause of putting a terminal inside Atom. Or rather … what is your aims?

In layman’s terms could you please highlight to our community what the challenges are and which aspects people can volunteer their efforts. Is there room for coding newbies or are seasoned hackers what is needed most?

My personal notes -
Years ago I used platformio-atom-ide-terminal. I hacked the ability to add text into the terminal to construct a way to execute python scripts by a press of a shortcut. Recently I tried (in Termination under Win10) to revive this functionality and found the “custom text” functionality to be broken.

Are there a list of things that does not work as before which may get fixed in the future?

Simply put - What can we do to help?