[Announcement] Nuclues Dark UI is getting close to a 1.0.0 release


But before doing so I pushed the big 0.10.0 overhaul. I hope you like the changes I did.

Ever since I started this project, before the launch of atom 1.0.0, this theme has gone through some tweaking over time. Sometimes this created bugs in other packages. Because of limited time, most of the time I fixed it with a quick hack. Threw in some !important left and right. However these hacks where catching up to me, I felt like every time I fixed something I created another bug somewhere else. So I decided to start from scratch again. Behind the scenes I’ve been working inside a new repo and I feel I cleaned up a lot of code that was unnecessary and I think I am almost there, I can finally release the 1.0.0 version of this theme. Just not yet, I want to push this minor patch first to see everything works out as well for you as it does for me.


Interesting, thanks for your work! I will tried this and reply if there is any problems


I know that working on a theme is a lot of work. I wrote this to help me understand the theme’s colors.

It might help you too.


That is one awesome package @morbius1st

EDIT: although I cant seem to install it. I filed an issue.


Sorry for the problem you are having. The package ‘tool-bar’ is a required dependency in order for my package to work I thought that Atom paid attention to this and would not install if the dependency does not exist. You will need to install the ‘too-bar’ package in for my package to work. Note though, I believe, that you may disable the package after you install.


Yeah i noticed that, but i have tool-bar installed already.


Well, I’ve not updated Atom for a while. What version of Atom are you using?