Announcement: Minimap package hit V3


Hello there,

After a month worth of work and the amazing contributions of @jrouviere, the minimap now hit version 3.

As for the most significant changes:

  • Canvas-based rendering improving performances drastically. The performances are now nowhere near than what it was before!
  • The minimap now provides a decoration API modeled on the one Atom provides. The same methods are available and the minimap views now delegates many methods of the editor so that you can just substitute the minimap to an editor in situations where decorations are added. For a concrete example, take a look at the minimap-highlight-selected view, the contrast with the previous version say it all.
    A wiki page about decoration is available here.
  • The minimap events are also modeled on the new event model in Atom, so using ::on is now deprecated in favor of onDid/onWill events.
  • The minimap now have a proper API documentation
  • All the packages now uses the new decoration API and their versions will now try to match the minimap one.

Now that the minimap at reached that state, the next steps will allow me to offer a package generation command to bootstrap a minimap plugin. Plugins can already support CI with the provided script (same setup than for classical packages CI).

Hope you like it!


Good work! :thumbsup:


I must have completely overlooked this package. I love this feature in Visual Studio and now that I found this package for Atom I am loving Atom even more! Thanks for this awesome package!



minimap-git-diff should still work?


Yep, I have updated all the minimap plugins as well. If you have a version >= 3 they’re compatible with minimap 3.


i can delete my .atom folder to start from scratch

install minimap
install minimap git diff
note it is working
close and reopen atom and now not working or showing in plugins



And there’s no errors in the console?


no errors
no settings
just 2 packages

every time i open atom i must

  • open settings
  • find minimap git dif
  • disable & enable

sometimes right after re-installing it works until i quit but

been happening since before the recent updates i think

can record a video of it happening if needed :smile:



Hmm, I may have a guess.

The only reasons for the minimap-git diff to not activate are:

  1. if there’s no git-diff package
  2. if there’s no minimap package
  3. if the current project does not have a repo
  4. if the minimap version doesn’t match the one set in the minimap-git-diff package

My guess is that you’re getting the third case. And now that I think about it’s clearly not an ideal behavior, it should activate and register itself, but not create a binding to hook on the repo.

Can you confirm that your project doesn’t have a git repo initialized? If not, this is a completely different issue and I may need a screencast if you can record one?

Thanks for taking time to investigate this.


when i first open atom there is no current project? just a new untitled file

but when i do open a folder, it is a git folder with changes to test diff

idk thanks



Ok, I understand the issue, I just didn’t considered this use case until now, It’ll be fixed quickly.