Announcement: Mark-Ring package


From the README:

Mark-ring Atom package

Easily create multiple cursors without your mouse.

A screencast of mark-ring in action

This package allows you to create multiple cursors in places other than simply above and below the current cursors. All you need to remember is one easy-to-use shortcut that does everything!


  • Mark your cursor location with a keyboard shortcut
  • Use the mouse or keyboard to place another cursor
  • No need to worry about moving cursors by accident
  • Platform independent keyboard shortcuts


Use apm: apm install mark-ring

Or install through the Atom setting menu.

You only need mark-ring:mark-or-recall to use this package. It will mark under your cursor, but if there is a mark already there, it wil clear and recall all marks.

  • CMD-SHIFT-M: mark-ring:mark-or-recall
  • CMD-SHIFT-V: mark-ring:view-marks
  • CTRL-SHIFT-M: mark-ring:mark-or-recall
  • CTRL-SHIFT-V: mark-ring:view-marks


Thank you for making this, it makes editing much much easier.

The only suggestion I can think of is making the mark cursors easier to see. The tiny + is somewhat hard to see. A cool thing would be some subtle way of displaying the marks both in the gutter and inline, at the point where they occur, but I don’t know about the feasibility of this.

Also, I’m not sure what happened, but i can’t seem to see the gutter icons anymore. Maybe they are conflicting with linter or some similar plugin?


Download the most recent update. Check out the picture above, I changed it a few weeks ago to actually show the marks position instead of just highlighting the line. The plus isn’t in there anymore, so it may be your mind playing tricks on you :smiley:


Huh. I swear I’ve been using this every day, and haven’t seen that. Maybe I missed it.


Well, that’s awesome that you’ve been using it every day. I’m glad at least one person is using my package! Can you use the cmd-shift-m key binding to do everything? If you can, then yea, you should definitely see the mark show up, it doesn’t if it’s at the end of the line. It highlights the next character after the cursor.

If not, it may have something to do with the color scheme. I never set a color to it, but on mine it was always grey-blue. You should be able to set it in your less file as .mark, maybe .highlight .mark. I’m not home to check.


I figured it out.

The inline one does show up, if I put a mark in the body of the line itself. However, if I stick it at the end of the line, it does not show up.


Yea, I can’t figure out how to get it to show up on the end of the line. Right now it highlights the next character after the mark position. If it’s on the end of the line there is no next character.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be glad to fix it.


Could you possibly add a dot, or highlight the invisible newline character? I’ve noticed I can sometimes make the “marks” appear at the end of a line by highlighting a bit


This is AWESOM!!! I’ve been wanting this feature for ages. Thank you!

The one complaint I have is that the blue color of the mark is really bright on a dark background. Is it possible to reduce the opacity of the mark?