Announcement: Inline Messenger, Service Package


This allows a package to create notifications or code suggestions that are associated with a highlighted piece of code.

Description and examples here:

I saw this functionality reimplemented in a lot of packages, so I thought it’d be a good candidate for a standard service.
I wanted a design focus on not obstructing code, taking advantage of notification colors, and relative positioning that could be set in the settings. Let me know if you find it useful!


I like the idea.
I think it would be important to allow customizing the styling as well though, albeit with some constraints so it will always still fit within the theme.

Also, the absolute positioning is a useful feature.
Apart from the obvious lint-type possibilities, I can see this being used by various code docs packages or even hands-on tutorials / courses, guiding you through the steps of their material.

Code reviews, as well. Helpful to collaborative programming, especially if such inline messages could be persisted (inside the project, so it stays with the files when pushed to Git repos or passed around between developers).


I agree about the customizing styles, but I wanted to get this out to the community before implementing it. Initially I see two ways of doing it, either allowing the package user to provide a styling class, and/or allowing them to provide an html element to be used instead of the standard message.

Yeah, handling persistence would allow some very cool opportunities. I think it would probably be a separate package. This package leaves all the message managing to the service consumer, so they are in control on when a message is destroyed.

For non-code writing, I’ve had a small dream to be able to export my markdown to a google doc and then be able to reimport it after someone makes comments.