Announce: tree-view-git-status


Happy to announce my second package for Atom, Tree View Git Status :tada:

This package adds Git branch, commits ahead/behind labels for each project folder as shown in the screenshot below. The yellow color indicates that there are uncommited changes in the project folder.

Via the package settings you can also disable the autoToggle feature so that the package doesn’t activate itself on startup if you want.

Also good to mention is that it plays nice together with my other Atom package Project View :blush:

I’d be awesome if somebody could review my code and give me some feedback :smile:


Currently I’m planning to add a tooltip showing some useful repository details like Git Head, Origin, SHA commit ID of the Head, etc…

So far so good but I’d really like to add a “copy-to-clipboard” button on the right-hand side for each line but the atom.tooltips.add isn’t flexible enough to allow such it seems :frowning: As soon as I hover with the mouse the tooltip it will disappear (depending on the set delay). Does anybody have a guess how I can prevent the tooltip from being closed when hovering it (the blue area)?

Btw. would such feature be useful to you?


I don’t think the tooltips are supposed to be interactive, so you’ll have to write your own component


I see, thanks for the feedback. There was some discussion here regarding a Popover API (see here) but this isn’t really the solution I’d need. Actually this might be the solution I need. Anyhow I’ll stall this feature for now and see how it evolves.

Most likely I’ll postpone this interactive tooltip feature for now and just finish the none-interactive one. Next challenge will be anyhow to get the commit ID of the current HEAD as it seems this information isn’t yet available withing Atom :see_no_evil:


Finally the v0.2.0 release has been landed which adds git-status tooltips to the project roots of the tree view!

Due to limitations I was not yet able to read out the SHA commit ID and also the “copy-to-clipboard” button is still missing. But at least tree-view-git-status has now a valid set of test specs that are passing on Linux, Mac and Windows :tada: :blush:

Feedback is welcome to hear if that feature is useful for you :smile:


Hi, just released v1.0.0 which supports now the new asynchronous Git library introduced in Atom 1.7 :tada: :confetti_ball:

It was quite some work to switch from the sync. Git library API to the async. one and still some minor issues are open. Wondering which other packages have been also fighting to switch to the new API :stuck_out_tongue:

Feedback is welcome and please give it a try!


v1.2.0 has been now released which supports customizeable styling of the Tree View Git Status labels depending on the current active branch :tada:

Have fun with it :slight_smile: