Announce: Tabasco


Hello everyone

Spice up your workspace a bit with Tabasco

With it you can dock panes by dragging their tabs. It automatically does the splitting and moving in the background based on where you drop it.


This looks awesome!


This is excellent, it’s exactly what I was looking for. It was a pain coming from Notepad++ to drag tabs into sections.

Thank you so much!


You’re welcome! As I understand it Atom 1.9 will have this kind of functionality built in, but in the mean time tabasco fills the gap.


I really like having this feature so thank you for creating this useful package.

I was wondering if it is possible to save the split screen layout?



Thanks. I’m glad you like it!

I’m sure it’s possible to save the layout. Tabasco, however, simply makes use of the existing split and move commands that are already provided by Atom. I’d think that the ability to save the layout should be Atom’s responsibility. Of course one can write a package for this. There may even already be one.

Atom 1.9 will have have the ability to drag tabs like Tabasco does built into the tabs package. It may even save the layout, but I’m not sure. Once 1.9 is out Tabasco will be redundant. Adding the ability to save the layout to Tabasco is unfortunately therefore not the best way forward. Adding a feature request to the tabs package is probably the way to go.


When you open a project in Atom, it will restore the layout that was present when that project was last closed. There currently isn’t any support to save layouts (or any other editor state) separate from this.


Following up what @leedohm says, if you use a project management package like Project Viewer or Project Manager (I contribute to and heavily endorse the former, but Brodin does good work, so pick the one that fits your work style), Atom will do the work of remembering your previous project state. You don’t need to use one of these packages, but the Atom opening behavior is a bit unintuitive and it’s easy to overwrite how you had it set up if you just open Atom from directories and you don’t have a thorough understanding of how the program thinks.


Ok thanks for the replies and I will dig a bit further and check out those packages.