Announce: simple-drag-drop-text


This is a sister package to drag-drop-text. This package has fewer features and it is easier to use. But this one is standard and works the way most editors work.

The readme file from

Edit: The behavior of the package has changed a lot since the message was posted. It is now even simpler. There is no delay so it more accurately matches other editors.

simple-drag-drop-text package for the Atom editor

Drag and drop to move text using the mouse. This mimics the standard behavior of many other editors. Dragging and dropping with the ALT key held will copy the text instead of moving it.

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Enter atom install simple-drag-drop-text or use the settings page.


There is no Atom command.

Drag/drop is triggered by clicking and dragging a text selection from one palce to another. Dragging with no modifer key will move the text to the position the mouse is released. If the ALT key is down when the mouse is released then the text will be copied instead of moved. The ALT key does not have to pressed before this time.

Alternative Package

There is a sister package to this one, drag-drop-text. It offers more features but it has a small learning curve and does not follow the standard behavior of other editors. This is for true mouse-loving geeks (like me).

Drag-drop-text package features …

  • No need for any modifier key like ALT for any operation. Everything is done with the left mouse button.
  • You can do the standard cut (ctrl-x), copy (ctrl-c), and paste (ctrl-v) operations using only the mouse.
  • Text that has been dragged is left in the clipboard. So you can drag and then paste the same text again.


Copyright Mark Hahn using the MIT license


This is great! Thanks for continuing to put effort towards this. I know reception to the first plugin was lukewarm at best.

I personally think that the delay and red underline aren’t necessary, but this still gets the job done just fine.


Cool! One of the things that made me yearn for Notepad++.


how else could I do it?

Edit: I assumed that you would still want the ability to drag and select text. Having a delay would be the only way to tell them apart. I just tested in the browser and it doesn’t allow one to drag and select starting in a selection. So I can get rid of the delay.

I will change that right now.


Yeah, but I use it constantly. I just realized it is of particular use to me since I use the mouse on the left. Hitting ctrl-c is awkward. I have to move my hand from the mouse each time. So doing cut/copy/paste using only the mouse makes a big difference. I did this simple version out of the goodness of my heart. (grin)


I removed the delay and red line. It finally matches the simplicity of other editors. See the new readme at the top of the thread.


For me it works great now… Thanks! This should actually be in the core I think?