Announce: shell-it


Edit: Updated readme to version 0.2.0.

Continuing the discussion from Filter text through shell command:

Yes, there is. I just released shell-it. Thanks for the idea. I really like this.

This is the readme …

shell-it package

A simple Atom package to replace text in the editor by passing it through a shell command. It is in the vein of %! in VIM.

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  • select text
  • execute shell-it:open (default keybinding is shift-ctrl-alt-S)
  • type in a shell cmd (such as sort).
  • hit enter
  • The command will be executed in an OS shell

Stdin and Stdout

  • The left checkboxes specify stdin from the selected text and/or the clipboard. If both are checked the clipboard and selection are concatenated for the input.

  • The right checkboxes specify where stdout is sent. If both are checked then the output goes to both the clipboard and the selection.

  • The working directory is set to the project containing the current editor


Copyright Mark-Hahn with the MIT license.

Is there a package that allows directly running a shell command?

Awesome package.