Announce - pythonic-atom


pythonic atom is a collection of packages & settings in order to make the most of Github’s Atom Text Editor while writing python.

Please provide feedback or maybe any python featured package that you want to include.


Nice start :slight_smile:, I’ll give it a try. I say “start” because i can imagine a lot of added stuff to make the parts work together more smoothly, add helpful (and optional) key settings, etc.


Indeed, this is my first atom package :slight_smile:
Currently pythonic-atom, installs some python (pip) & atom (apm) packages and sets some settings suitable for python development. (4 spaces according to pep etc)
Any ideas are welcome.


The package is advertised as setting settings that are suitable for Python, but what it actually does is enforce those settings under "*", not ".source.python". If you intend to have the global settings overridden, you should communicate that. If you didn’t intend to override global settings, you’re accidentally sending out false advertising.


Thanks for the feedback,

This is true it’s under * and on the other hand i disable language-python and enable MagicPython which has 4 spaces already by default.
So the tab length does not make much sense, but the invisibles and indentation guide does.

I will see if i can enable invisibles & indentation guide only for python files, hopefully in the next release. :slight_smile:


hello dear serafeimgr

i am pretty new to python - i d like to dive into python.

i allready have installed atom - on my

windows box at the office
linux box at home

one question - can i override the allready existing installation of atom on my windows box with your pythonic-atom !?

that would be great


pythonic-atom does not override your existing installation of Atom. It is a package that tells Atom to install an assortment of other packages and also tells Python to install a few commonly used packages.


My suggestion would be to use and not pythonic-atom any more:)
Atom brought IDE features using atom ide plugins.