Announce: Project Plus


From the README…

Project Plus

Simply awesome project management in Atom.

You may be thinking… Yet another project manager (for atom)? Atom contains a
lot of piping to make project management awesome. It’s missing those few bits
that expose that awesome to users. This is that package.

  • No configuration — atom was already keeping track of your projects

  • No mess (project files) — atom already knows about your projects and their needs (and is planning to know more)

  • No weirdness — switching between projects (in the same window) is done correctly and does not corrupt state (unlike every existing project package I’ve seen)

  • Fully supports projects with multiple paths


  • ctrl-alt-p (linux/windows) or ctrl-cmd-p (mac) to open the project finder
  • enter will open the project in the current window
  • shift-enter will open the project in a new window

Is there something else lacking in project management that you can think of? Let me know.


Does this package provides an UI to manage projects? I’ve not seen any project manager that provides an useful UI that’s as simple as open-recent.


What do you mean by manage?

project-plus:switch is a command – it opens up a finder to search through your existing projects and can switch to another project (within the same window).


I’ve made the package now work in 1.5+ (it required 1.7+ before which is currently unreleased). This was due to me relying on the new serialization (which makes the task of finding and switching projects easy, I had to shim a lot and will be very happy when 1.7 gets released).