Announce: Preview Tabs


Just published Preview Tabs.

It does sublime-style file previewing, where files are opened as a ‘preview’ until they’re modified, saved, or double clicked. This lets you quickly look through several files without opening up a lot of tabs.

Also, it relies on various events, meaning that the tree and tab packages do not need to be disabled, and them being updated are less likely to break this package.

Let me know if you run into any issues with it. Thanks!

How do I stop additional tabs from populating?

Isn’t this exactly what sublime-tabs package does? :smile:


Except for the part where this package doesn’t try to replace the tree-view and tabs packages, which makes the sublime-tabs package a non-starter for me. And there’s nothing wrong with having two or more packages that do similar or even the same thing.


Preview Tabs does exactly the same thing that Sublime Tabs does. That package worked really well for me for a long time, and I got inspired to take a shot at a different implementation.