[announce] Pandoc/PDF

I made a package:

Pandoc/PDF makes it possible to use Pandoc directly from an editor pane to create a PDF, and to view that PDF in another Atom pane.

It is not a preview package, because what you see is the final, high-quality PDF output.

Activated by keyboard shortcut (default Alt-P) or menu item, Pandoc/PDF inserts a toolbar into the active editor, processes the document with Pandoc, and shows the resulting PDF. By default, the document is reprocessed every time it is saved, but that can be deactivated and reprocessing triggered instead with the keyboard shortcut or a toolbar button.

Pandoc/PDF supports all of Pandoc’s text-based input formats, including Pandoc’s Markdown, reStructuredText, Textile, MediaWiki & DokuWiki markup, and DocBook. It supports PDF generation via Pandoc’s latex, beamer, context, html, and ms output formats.

Feedback welcome!