Announce: Package Deps


I’ve just wrote package-deps. I intend to use it for linter providers but it’ll work for any kind-of packages depending on other packages. The readme of that package says it all but I’ll paste it here


Atom-Package-Deps is a module that lets your atom package depend on other atom packages, It’s quite simple and shows a nice progress bar as a notification as the packages are installed.

How it works?

You need to have an array of package deps in your package manifest, like

  "name": "linter-ruby",
  "package-deps": ["linter"]

Because the package installation is async, it provides an API to determine if you should do your thing in your package or wait. When dependencies are not installed, Your package is deactivated by deps installer, then dependencies are installed, and then it’s activated again. Here’s how a consumer would look

module.exports =
  activate: ->
    # Note: `linter-ruby` is the name of the current package
      .then ->
        console.log('All deps are installed, it's good to go')


This project is licensed under the terms of MIT license, See the license file or contact me for more info.