[Announce] opened-files

I’m struggling with loosing overview of my projects, so I though about, what could get improved in atom.
Here is my list:

  • Folder names in tabs
  • Custom colors for tabs
  • Pinned tabs
  • Tree-view of opened files
  • Highlight tab on hover of file
  • Saves pinned and colored tabs in project file (needs project-manager package)

get it here

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This looks quite comprehensive. Nicely done!
I’m quite simplistic in that I never have more than one project open, but I like the coloring and the open files treeview section.

Actually, the tabs don’t seem to get the coloring or the folder name for me:

This is with the One Dark theme, Atom v208.

most definitely a problem with the path separator of windows :wink:

I updated to 0.0.3, could you please test it?

If you have any ideas of improvement, I would be happy to hear. I’m not quite satisfied, yet
I think, the tree is taking too much space…

Still no color on the tabs, I’m afraid.
Also, I noticed the tree view separation is cutting me off and doesn’t resize if the number of open files increases. That barrier should probably be pushed down with new opened files?

should be fixed by 0.0.4 - path.replace(/\\/g,"\\\\") did it for me:P

I’m still unsure, how to handle it. Currently it is fixed at 20% opened files and 80% regular tree by clicking on the divider you get 50% each.
The regular tree is very important, I don’t want to cut too much of it.

Shouldn’t a path.join() take care of path separators?

Gotta leave work in a moment and fly somewhere, but I’ll update shortly and try again.

I thought so … but it’s not the case for building selectors.
document.querySelector needs double escaped backslashes - makes a total of four backslashes per real slash! ^^

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I implemented it and the whole thing works much better now.

I love this idea, but things get a bit crowded with the theme I’m using, isotope-ui:

Seems like maybe a overflow tweak in the style might fix it maybe? I played around a bit but couldn’t figure out a simple solution.

took me a while until I found out, that isotope doesn’t set the background of tabs …
After I set it, there is no overflow anymore but the text gets cut ugly instead :persevere:

An ugly cut is somewhat better than having the text run over the neighboring tabs I think. Tho, I say that without having seen just how ugly a cut we’re talking about here :smile:

Maybe an ellipsis might be better than a rough cut…

They make things prettier but they waste space. Being a geek I prefer the more text, even ugly.

I think it is acceptable … especially because I found no way for ellipsis working in this case :smile:

I added shortcuts to color current tab ctrl+alt+a and to pin current tab ctrl+alt+x (yes it is difficult to find unused keys)

Please update! versions prior 0.0.12 don’t ask befor closing unsaved files with close all unpinned tabs.
Very dangerous - I’m sorry

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I really like the feature “Folder names in tabs”. Are you willing to release that as a separate package?

I thought about it already, because the code is nicely separated. I wanted to see if there is a need, or if it will be wasted time, so now you ask, I will do it :wink:
But I have 2 questions:

  • What do you dislike about the opened files panel? (maybe there is room for improvement?)
  • Do you have a good idea for a name for the “Folder names in tabs” package?

I can’t say I dislike your package as I haven’t fully tested it. Maybe some improvements in the place where you have placed the opened files list. I really like how Firefox does it. @adiultra proposed it here: Firefox like tabgroups in ATOM. I was actually thinking of doing the same as a dropdown button in the tab-bar, something like atom-new-tab.

Why I asked if it could be a separate package is because I like the small improvements like the folder names in the tab.
As for the name… I don’t know… naming things is the hardest problem of programming.

That and cache invalidation :wink:

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I asked, because I’m not satisfied yet. I’m still loosing the overview when I have more than ~7 files opened at a time :persevere:

I thought about it a while, so one conclusion was, I need an optical identifier for each file. For websites that is the favicon… but for code?
The possibility to color the tabs is a cheap surrogate, in my eyes that is working, but when you color more than 3 tabs it is getting useless again.

My workflow is mainly centered around ~two files and depending on the problem I have to dig through several dependencies, which I need to get closed once the problem is solved. Therefore I developed the pinning of files. Works good, too.

What I really think is, that the tree view of the opened files is no good solution. It works better than having no view of opened files at all, but not good enough. For example one problem is, I tend to confuse it with the regular tree-view…

Where I find that in firefox? I have seen it never before…
One big question from me… is preview of code really useful ? like of websites with pictures and custom designs and stuff?

One the other hand, a spatial organization is a very good optical identifier. But how to spot the right file when all previews look very similar? ^^