[Announce] New TypeScript IDE support


Just pushed a week worth of work : https://atom.io/packages/atom-typescript

The fundamentals are there so you can potentially drop your current IDE and jump on this.

After a bit more polish I am going to start working on advanced features (e.g. NPM integration / TSD integration)


This is real cool, however I think it would be better as multiple plugins (ie I might like the autocomplete better from another package) or may only want the autobuild feature. But then of course you miss out one click and you can jump to atom. Therefore we really need atom to support package-packs, atom-typescript would be a plugin pack, with each feature being its own plugin.


Yes that would be awesome.


I have installed AutoComplete+ and i have installed your package but when i try to do the sample with

var foo = 123;

There is any option like on the example


A) have you saved the file to disk
B) is the extension .ts
C) it might need a restart the first time you installed dependencies like autocomplete+. Btw atomTS will download these dependencies for you.


Great work!

I prefer Atom for TS development over CATS or VS Code, but the only thing I miss though is a class browser / outline view. Did I overlook something?


the only thing I miss though is a class browser / outline view

Not the same thing but there is a semantic view : https://github.com/TypeStrong/atom-typescript#semantic-view