Announce: move-status-items


I didn’t like the order some of the items in the status bar were in, but I felt like I didn’t have much control over the situation… That’s why I created this package: move-status-items.


It stores the chosen order in atom.config by serializing elements by their tagName, className and is attribute. I found this works pretty well, but if you come across any issues, or know a better way of serializing a (part of) a dom tree, please let me know!


I think one enhancement might be to have visual feedback when you click&hold an item, until you drop it.


Taking it a step further, this may be a candidate for a PR on the status-bar repo actually.


Thanks! I agree that it would be an improvement.

Haven’t thought about a pull request yet. It makes kinda sense to do this, I suppose… And it would make it lots easier to implement :smile:


It’s the kind of subtle enhancement that would feel just at home in the core code.


Ok, I updated it to change the cursor to cursor: move; while dragging. I’ll have to do the PR some other time.


That’s great. I’ll try it out.
Not to be nitpicking, but perhaps you’d like to update the gif in the readme to show the new behavior as well?


I’m sorry to say, but it breaks my shiny metal Atom:

It keeps throwing error notifications, the big red scary ones, even after I disabled it.


Aww :frowning: I’ll take a look.


Just to update this thread: I’ve just reported a few more kinks, which @olmokramer fixed immediately and it’s working pretty smoothly now.
I’m sure people will have preferences for their status bar elements, so this is a good option.

One more enhancement option I can come up with, though:
Elements of the left side panel and the right side panel are not exchangeable at the moment. It would be a matter of consistency to let people drag stuff from the right all the way to the left and vice versa.


Yeah, changing sides would be pretty cool :sunglasses: I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for all the feedback @batjko!


Ok I just published an update that allows to move items between left and right side :smiley: Please let me know if you find any issues


Works. :thumbsup: