Announce: linter-polymer


from the README …

Polymer linter for Atom the Hackable Text Editor

This plugin for linter provides an interface to polylint. It will lint HTML files


The Linter package must be installed in order to use this plugin. If it isn’t installed, please follow the instructions here.

Plugin installation

$ apm install linter-polymer


You can configure linter-polymer by editing ~/.atom/config.cson (choose Open Your Config in Atom menu):

  # Lint files while typing, without the need to save
  lintOnFly: true

  # Name of the bower directory
  bowerDir: 'bower_components'

  # Display messages for all imported files
  allMessages: false


If you would like to contribute enhancements or fixes, please do the following:

  1. Fork the plugin repository
  2. Hack on a separate topic branch created from the latest master
  3. Commit and push the topic branch
  4. Make a pull request
  5. Welcome to the club :sunglasses:

Please note that modifications should follow these coding guidelines:

  • Indent of 2 spaces
  • Code should pass CoffeeLint with the provided coffeelint.json
  • Vertical whitespace helps readability, don’t be afraid to use it

Thank you for helping out!


What exactly are the differences between this plugin and polymer-atom?


It has settings to:

  • turn off lint on fly without disabling it at the Linter level (polylint can be really slow)
  • set the name of the bower directory
  • optionally include error messages for imported filles