Announce: Linter-Plus


It’s documentation says it all


Great to see more and more good packages like that, are there any packages that already use this API?


The rewrite branch of Atom-Hack


I’m going to have to disagree with “It’s documentation says it all”.

What makes your linter better? I see according to the docs that linter-plus has a different API because you wanted to have a different API.

As a contributor to two lint plugins (linter-coffeelint and linter-eslint), why might I want to update my plugins to support your linter?

Am I going to have problems if I update my linters to support both? Will Atom run both linters and users will need to uninstall AtomLinter and lose linting support for all the languages that haven’t switched over?


You are not going to have any problems if you update your linter to support both. and the benefits are that linter-plus allows it’s packages to provide a file:lin:charstart-char-end parameters. Other than that, it’s a more shiny. that file path thingy is what AtomLinter does not support and is the basic reason why I did this.

My favorite thing about it is that it’s super simple and predictable.


Why not make improvements to AtomLinter instead of forking and trying to start your own? Too much community splintering is not an improvement IMO, no matter what enhancements you add, unless upstream AtomLinter was abandoned or completely resistant to change, which they aren’t.


The changes were API breaking. I personally wouldn’t accept a PR if I was him.

Edit: I can still upstream the changes If I get a green signal from the AtomLinter team.


If I get a green signal from the AtomLinter team

What does this mean? Have you opened an issue or a PR there to discuss it? If you’re waiting for them to approach you about merging it probably isn’t going to happen.

IMO you should always try to work with the existing project. While I did ask about the possibility of updating my linters, I wouldn’t actually do any work until your package becomes established. Now you have a chicken and the egg problem. I don’t want to use your linter because my languages aren’t supported, but I’m also not going to take the time to change my linters when there is a 300,000+ strong alternative that works.

Good luck on your project. It does seem like this is why the services system has version numbers. As long as the AtomLinter developers like it, it seems like you should be able to simply provide your API as a new version without forcing all the other linters to break.


I have to admit that I was wrong. AtomLinter’s mainter is an awesome guy.
I requested his feedback in the gitter room and his reply was positive.
This is the meta issue to upstream the changes.


It’s upsteam


fyi linter-plus-coffeelint and linter-plus-eslint exist now.

If linter-plus isn’t going to be maintained long term you might want to let iam4x know. He also didn’t bother to check with existing plugins, just went and built his own things. I maintain linter-coffeelint and have contributed to linter-eslint.


oh, somehow I missed your last message. Now I’m confused. Did linter-plus simply get adopted by the AtomLinter organization instead of merging the projects?


It is going to be maintained long term, It’s gonna replace the original linter. It’s moved to the org now and will replace the old Linter once it’s stable.
and Yeah iam4x knows everything, he’s a crew guy.


linter-plus-eslint cannot be installed

error: Unable to download 400 Bad Request Repository inaccessible

Is this a temporary problem?

by Upstream, does that mean I should something else?


The linter-plus-eslint was merged into the package linter-eslint a long long time ago, please use it instead


thanks - perhaps the linter-plus-elint package could be cleaned from the installable packages, its splash-page is much more inviting !!