Announce: JavaScript ES6


You are use Atom?
You need ES6 support for atom?

You can use JavaScript ES6.

To use this package you need to disable Atom’s language-javascript.


Why is this a separate package? The default-installed language-javascript package has included modifications to make it more ES6 friendly. Why not add pull requests to make the default package even better?


@leedohm I sent 2 PRs but my PRs does not discussed.


According to the history four out of your six PRs were merged. The other two were closed by you. I agree that sometimes it is hard to get the attention of the core team to get your changes merged, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. It is nothing personal.


@leedohm if language-javascript need to merge with language-javascript-better they can send issue about merge and add me and Jonathan Horner in collaborators list.