Announce: Gradle-CI


I’m happy to announce the first mature version of my gradle-ci-package.

It allows you to continuously build your gradle-project while you’re working in it. The package keeps the last n (default: 3) results, so you’re able to take a whenever you feel you’d like to know about the last results.

Here are some of it’s features:

  • Support for gw ( if available
  • The builds get invoked asynchronusly (and daemonized), which should allow you to work untroubled
  • The status-symbol gives you a fast feedback if the last run failed or not

The package got nearly completely rewritten for the support of Atom’s 1.x-API. The package itself is quiet old but - unfortunately - didn’t work very well in the past. I think it got pretty robust now, but there still some flaws i’d like to address in future releases:

  • Panetastic looks currently not that nice with light themes
  • The results are currently only plain text and therefore they could be more comfortable to watch/navigate
  • The build-invokation depends on build.gradle-files which must reside in the project-directory
  • The gradle.wrapper is currently not supported

However, i’d like to evolve the package and really appreciate any feedback, to develop the next steps. In fact i also think about creating a ci-package which may work with different build-tools.