Announce: git-time-machine


Merry New Year!

I finally got far enough on my other open source project my fabulously awesome employer generously funded me to develop, and, over the holiday, put the finishing touches on a new Atom package called git-time-machine

This is something that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like in any editor. It’s primary goal is to help answer the question, “have we been here before”. After working on a big code base for a few years, I often come back to idea that’s been tried before. Or, I know this worked at some point in time X; what’s changed.

You can click directly on the time plot or popup to open that revision at the same line as the active editor.

I tried to make it compatible with light and dark themes.

Special thanks to @mark_hahn, @jakesankey and @leedohm for showing me how to do a lot of this. I don’t think we ever exchanged a word, but you spoke volumes to me in source code. Also thanks to @kevinsawicki & @nathansobo, I still think space-pen is perhaps the most brilliant idea ever and just a little less brilliant than React. mind = blown.


I’m glad my code could be of use to someone other than me :laughing:


Very nice. Much better looking than my live-archive.


It was your live-archive package that showed me how to do most of this! It’s an awesome package. I just needed a more git centric / full history view. Eventually, I’d like to incorporate some of the control features from live-archive like single stepping back through revisions. Thanks again!


Nice work ! :grinning:


Very cool! Glad my projects were of help to you!


Wow, @Bee. I just tried out your package and it’s amazing! O’ and happy new year to all!


I’ve updated the package. v1.2.0 now uses split-diff package (installation not required) to display revisions.

Thank you @aaronbushnell for the suggestion and thanks to @mupchrch for the split-diff package which I use as an npm git+ dependency (nice code!).


Awesome package! Honored to have contributed in some way to this. I will be using this one for sure. :smiley:


Great work, @Bee! It’s crazy to have this kind of power in an editor.


Awesome work, thank you !