[announce] git-time-machine 2.0


I’m happy to announce a major update to the git-time-machine package

Big changes:

  • Oldest rev should open to the left of newer rev because, as we all know, time travels from left to right :slight_smile:

New Features:

  • Ability to compare any two points in time. Click on time plot or in hover popup to set the revision displayed in the left editor. Shift click on the time plot or in the hover popup will set the right editor version.
  • Ability to step back in time. git-time-machine adds a revision display and selector to the split-diff control bar to allow you to step forward and backward 1 step at a time

Plus a bunch of love:

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release @mupchrch, @waldnzwrld, @chimit, @cbeninati, @UziTech, @Alhadis, @apetro, @maskott, @DSpeckhals, plus a few too many more to call out because I can only mention 10 people :slight_smile: