[Announce] Code Peek 1.0.0


Hi everyone,

I just released the first version of my Code Peek package. Basically, it lets you quickly peek and edit functions contained in your project without actually opening the file yourself. I loved this feature in Brackets, and did my best to replicate it.

Currently, it supports JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, and C#. More file types as well as finding multiple matches across your project will be supported soon.

This is my first package so I hope you like it!


Nice demo!


Nice one.
I’m just thinking… How about opening the function not in a separate panel, but instead in an overlay of sorts, like a hovering multi-line tooltip, that appears near the mouse cursor on activation and disappears again as soon as you save the changed code in it.

Just a thought.


Hi @DFreds

I’ve been using code peek for a while now and it works like a charm. Thank you for creating this extension!

As @batjko said, opening the code peek editor inside a bottom panel is not always a good solution, especially on high resolution viewports. Would it be possible to use block decorations for this?


That’s not a bad idea. I wasn’t aware that existed. I might mess around with it later today. But I agree with @batjko and you, the bottom panel isn’t ideal. I’d love for it to work like brackets, with the function appearing inline next to the use of the function.

Thanks for the ideas!


So I was actually able to get this working… sort of.

The problem is that it doesn’t let you edit the text editor that appears. I think it’s because the intended use of a block decorator is that it is just a decoration and not mutable. I’m open to suggestions, and anyone can feel free to take a stab at it. https://github.com/DFreds/code-peek-atom