Announce: Atom Touch Events Package


I have created V1 of my Atom Touch Events package.

I use a surface pro 2 and often find myself wanting to scroll through files using touch gestures.

Currently the package provides 4 touch events for swipe gestures.
It also provides scrolling for swiping up and down on text editors.

I deliberately separated touch event logic from behaviour as I see this being reusable by others.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


Here is the Readme. Now includes pinch events.

Provides touchscreen event handling and gesture capability.

Currently supports gestures:

  • AtomTouchEvents.onDidTouchSwipeUp
  • AtomTouchEvents.onDidTouchSwipeDown
  • AtomTouchEvents.onDidTouchSwipeLeft
  • AtomTouchEvents.onDidTouchSwipeRight
  • AtomTouchEvents.onDidTouchPinchIn
  • AtomTouchEvents.onDidTouchPinchOut

Provides the following behaviours:

Touch-based scrolling (horizontal and vertical) for Text Editors

  • Add more gestures (tap)
  • Add more behaviours (pinch to zoom)
  • Fix TreeView touch issues


I’ve been to busy to try this but I’m excited about it.