Announce - atom-together


Atom together

is a package which aims to allow users to work together on files and projects through use of servers which the user sets up. Once installed, right-clicking on a folder in the tree-view will now show an atom-together tab which has a ‘Start client’ and ‘Stop client’ option. Clicking on ‘Start client’ will bring up a view which asks for a server ip, port, and (optional) password. after the client is started, the folder will fill up with files. Once opened, these files will download and replace any text inside them with text from the server files. Two people editing the same file will at least be able to see the row they are on, and will sometimes be able to see what column they are at.

Important notes:

Atom-together (while relatively stable) is in alpha at the moment. Current things not-to-do (which will be fixed) are:

  • Creating or deleting files on the client or server (while the server is open)
  • Not using empty folders for client operation

Thank you for reading! Any and all feedback welcome. Any bugs should be reported to the issue page on the repo.

Which package to choose to do remote pair programming?

Important announcement

Recently, some changes were made to atom-together’s counterpart – together-server.
These changes are crucial to the integrity of the program, and if you are running together-server, you should update at once.

The changes include a security update which helps keep the program from affecting anything but your project directory, so if you aren’t updated, it puts your entire computer at risk.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve and grow our package.