[Announce] Atom Notes


I’ve got literally decades worth of notes stored as Markdown files and for the last couple of years I was using the lovely nvatom package to quickly create and search through them. If you’ve ever used Notational Velocity, nvALT, or programs like Evernote then you’re familiar with the concept.

Sadly, the author of nvatom recently unpublished their package citing their lack of maintenance. I can’t overstate how much I used that package every single day.

:tada: Introducing Atom Notes! :tada:

  • Provides the same Notational Velocity-like features embedded right in the Atom editor.
  • Rewritten in ES6.
  • Support for the upcoming Atom 1.19.0
  • Lighter-weight implementation than nvatom.
  • Removes dependence on deprecated atom-space-pen-views.
  • Refactored to encourage collaboration.
  • Uses fuzzaldrin-plus for better and faster autocompletion.
  • Usability and stability improvements as well as bug fixes.

Obviously I’m in love with this package. I can’t count the number of times a coworker or friend has seen me using it an been blown away at how useful and simple it is. For me, this is my number one reason for continuing to use Atom above all other editors (but of course, there’s more than one reason I love Atom). So I’m announcing it now that I’ve released v1.0.0 after a week of hacking away on it. Please enjoy!


I use markdown notes everywhere and do file search with very… Long titles. Useful link, many thanks to you for the share.



Please allow me commentary unrelated and off-topic. No action required && read as a compliment.

I am very impressed on how informative the ‘front’ page of your group’s project is. It is very informative to what the project is about and the goals for future work is (seems) well focussed. I like the way that the contributors are mentioned - even those from the original branch.

Your project must surely be a showcase to be proud of.
- Dan Padric


Thank you! I made a big effort to make the readme reflect how much I love using the package and I’m really proud of the outcome <3


Hi, thanks for very interesting package. I would like to know if it is necessary that I have my notes in Markdown format. Sometimes I use AsciiDoc as it is possible to write them more complex (especially tables). Would it be possible to write notes in AsciiDoc in this package?



Yep @WestFlame! By default it will consider all files in the directory you point it at that are .txt or .md as notes. But that’s configurable in the package settings.

You can give it a list like .adoc, .md, .txt to have it index all those types of files, and since .adoc is listed first, it will be the default file extension whenever you create new notes. :tada:

Oh! And if you happen to encounter any bugs using Atom Notes like this it would be super helpful if you submit a report because I don’t think many people use notes other than Markdown. So it’d be great to have some actual users of lesser used features!


Great! Thanks for response, I will sure give it a try. :slight_smile: