[Announce] another 4 packages I've released


Another 4 packages I’ve release.
16 packages in total from when I started to using Atom at end of April 2015.
This number is already near to number of my vim-plugins, this speed is because of Atom’s great API and good convention like activate/deactivate/settings.view etc…

Here is short summary.
Isearch is very new and a lot of improvement and new features to come.

  • isearch
    Incremental search, with flashing crrent match, display total etc.

  • smalls
    Rapid cursor positioning across all visible chars with search and jump.
    easymotion( or jumpy or ace-jump ) style label jump.

  • phrase
    Gather frequently used phrase or idiom of programming language and refer while you are programming.

  • clip-history
    Paste from clipboard history like emacs’ kill-ring
    No fancy select-view for history. I like minimalistic approach.


You’re on a roll, and really useful plugins too. Thank you so much for sharing them.


Oh, you use my package! thanks.
What package are you using?


You bet I am.
Currently I am using your plugins:

  • open-this
  • paner
  • toggle
  • smalls

There are a few others I been wanting to try but need to find the time.


Oh I’m glad to hear that. Thanks!, paner is not popular, but very important feature for former Vim user.


Thats what I really like about your plugins, the Vim viewpoint.


If you use ctrl-i, ctrl-o to move cursor position history (called jumplist on Vim), you might like my cursor-history package.
It allow you to go, back to cursor-history and even you can back to position of destroyed(closed) editor’s position.


Forgot to mention that one, yes, Im already using it :smiley:


I released paner minor update.

Now paner support paner:merge-pane.
I bind cmd-X to it.
Instead of swapping pane item, it merge pane item to adjacent pane.
Sometime useful.


Really, really nice. Thanks for sharing and for the heads up on this new feature @t9md


Sorry I just renamed command name from paner:merge-item to paner:send-item.
paner:merge-item was not clear what it do.

When you working on multiple pane, swap and send is always your friend especially for myself using transformer which output compiled or run output to split pane. I frequently swap, move this kind out tmp buffer pane to very-right, ver-bottom, or send to other pane


Hey @t9md, will your new lazy-motion plugin replace smalls?


No, but my main interest is moved from smalls to lazy-motion.

Just I wrote on lazy-motion’s README.md, I myself won’t actively use this kind of label system(it includes smalls off course).
I find myself I could not adapt to this label jumping system(including vim-eazymotion, jumpy, my smalls, ace-jump etc…).

For my opinion, lazy-motion is much better for quickly moving cursor within buffer.
Smalls let you move cursor position across pane, but for my operation, I use ctrl-hkjl(which is my keymap to select pane with hjkl).

Do you think smalls is useful and use on daily coding?


I see your point and after a few days using smalls I ended up going back to jumpy as it allows me to move faster.


What difference between jumpy and smalls?
My point is label jump plugin itself enforces us some brain comcentration, and i like search type plugin like isearch and lazy-motion.

If you like jumpy I can add show label on start feature to smalls.
Althoguh I might not heavily use it, Smalls itself is good label jump package.
It calculate required number of label, change label color on label was nested(you need to input another layer of label to land) etc…


It’s really because of muscle memory, had I keep insisting I would probably feel more comfortable with it. But what really made me go back was a few issues I was having with my key mapping. I will probably look back into this again in the future.


Understood , thanks!