[Announce] Advanced Open File - Open files by path easily


I just finished up the changes to a package I’ve been hacking on for a few days called advanced-open-file. It’s a fork of advanced-new-file that makes it easy to open files based on their path or to browse directories quickly.

The fuzzy finder is amazing, but I couldn’t find a good solution for opening files outside of the currently-open projects that didn’t involve the system file chooser, so I forked advanced-new-file because it was close to the UI that I wanted and hacked on it until it did what I wanted.

It’s my first time writing coffeescript and an atom package, and I haven’t really cleaned up the code, but feedback, bug reports, or feature requests would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


How do we create multiple files at once?


There’s no way to do that; the packages that advanced-open-file is forked from had some special syntax for doing things like this, but it complicated the UX and code because it broke the expectation that the file listing reflects the current path since you had to handle if the user was entering multiple paths.


Thank you for the response !