[Announce] 12 packages I released


I switched Atom at end of April 2015.
Before that time, I was heavy Vim user.
During about a month and a half, I leaned Atom and released 12 packages.

Let me quickly introduce packages I released till now.

  • vim-mode-visual-block
    Add visual-blockwise feature to vim-mode

  • quick-highlight
    Highlight selected text or word under cursor.
    This helps you to detect typo. Or assist you while reading code by distinguishing singlar, plural variable name with different color.

  • cursor-history
    Like browser’s Back/Forward. Move around cursor position history.

  • theme-switch
    Quickly change theme from dark, light, or both theme group.
    I like dark theme but in daylight, light theme is more distinguishable, so I wanted to quickly switch theme without consulting setting view.

  • open-this
    Open file under cursor like Vim’s gf or Emacs’ C-x C-f.

  • recent-finder
    Open recently opened file across project.

  • try
    Copy selected text into working file to start try&error.

  • paner
    Pane manipulation helpers.
    It include maximize, swapItem, move-to-VERY-top, VERY-right, VERY-left, VERY-bottom.
    VERY move is like Vim’s ctrl-w J, K, H, L

  • toggle
    Toggle word from defined word group with or without moving cursor position.

  • keymap-disabler
    Disable default keymap provided by package author.

  • transformer
    Kind of atom-script, atom-preview, but it write output to normal TextEditor.

  • goto-scope
    Move your cursor to string, function, variable using scope information.
    You can extend it by defining custom-command.


awesome , i think there is quick-highlight package (highlight selected)


Welcome. I too really like Vim, but apart some performance issues I prefer to use Atom with Vim keybindings. It does almost everything I was using Vim for and then some.
Glad to see others moving from Vim to Atom too, feels reassuring. And a lot of packages for me to explore later, thank you :smiley: