ANN: Steam Pirate UI Theme - My First Atom Theme / Package


#Releasing: Steam-Pirate-UI


  • Steam-punk style Background UI with Neon Glows !
  • Based upon latest commit of one-dark-ui and Compatible with many dark syntax themes.
  • Smooth animations and transitions


It uses Syntax’s background color as a translucent overlay over the image background so , text coloring are readable on the editor It make use of Shadow for neon glows , on tabs and file tree view



###Suggestions and comments are welcome!


##Released v0.3.0

New Features in 0.3.0

  • Bluring of background image
    (thanks alot to @braver )
  • Settings for bluring configuration
    (thanks alot to @olmokramer)


Lots of new features added:

New Features in 0.5.1

  • Font size setting fixed, working properly
  • Cool lightsabre scrollbar with transparent track!
  • Added customization for Termrk

New Features in 0.5.0

  • Merged with one dark ui 0.9.0
  • Enabling font size config

New Features in 0.4.0


Finally , i’ve fixed the problem of tile rendering darkens the background!

New Features in 0.6.1

  • Fixed tile rendering , which darkens Text Editor background.


Nice work :thumbsup:


Thank you , it was bugging me for several weeks. finally solved it.