Animated screen cap GIFs


This is kind of off any topic but I haven’t seen animated GIF screen caps before this community. What cap tool does everyone use?


I should track this down and put it in the FAQ actually, because it comes up occasionally. The general recommendation is LICECap. It isn’t pretty, but it is simple and it works :grinning:


I personally used this on Ubuntu.


And the wonderful animated GIFs illustrating the project’s home page? Who made those? And how was that done? Photoshop? Flash?


I use GifCam, extremely useful and lightweight tool that I use constantly to record little snippets of software. Supports export to .gif and .avi!


I generally use, which is a free for the Mac.

I also use ScreenFlow (full-featured, paid screen capture software), and then run the exported movie file through


We created, simple quick, shareable.


That looks pretty, but it’s a bit of a hassle to rely on a connection.
I’d like to be able to save the gif locally instead. Also, because of privacy concerns some people may have.

But since it is online, I’d like to see the gif initially, and not some screencast flash video. Because in most cases I’d want to embed the clip somewhere which is 100% easier and supported more wide-spread if it’s just a plain gif.


Woah thanks for that, looks super useful!


I just published a package to do this, screen-recorder