Angularjs + electron

Hello colleagues,
I have one web app that want to make as a client. It is written with angularjs.
I have started it with electron. Onload it should make a HTTP GET request to one php inside the app and the PHP is reading one JSON. Onclick of one button, it should add data to this JSON with HTTP POST.
Additionally it is using the php for POST requests, PHP is calling a JAR file with JSON and the JAR is giving back JSON, which i visualize in the page.
When i start the app - it is reading the json file. So basically it is working. The question is when i want to add data to this file, it does nothing.
I tried to call one alert at least to see if i am getting the data…


but i got error: $scope.qmgr.toSource is not a function
I want to ask if i am missing something and if this approach is correct.

thank you.