Angular JS syntax highlight inconsistent?


Why does the new syntax hghlighting for Angular JS (especially as attributes) work in some places but not others?

See below:

The top-most ng-click scopes as:

But the one in the LI is


Unrelated, but how do you get the current scope, this way ?


It’s the editor:log-cursor-scope command. It logs the scope at the position of the cursor.




Any update on this? Against which package should I log an issue?


Do you have a package installed that provides Angular-specific highlighting? If so, I would file the Issue there.


This just “appeared” after a major Atom update (2.00? 2.10? whatever came out 5/28).

All of a sudden my documents started being “HTML Angular” documents, not “HTML”.

I changed no settings and added no packages.


That’s interesting because as far as I can tell, the HTML (Angular) grammar is only provided by the angularjs package. (Which isn’t a pre-installed package.)


Makes sense. I had no idea they added this feature. I logged a bug.