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This question is just an experiment, and I don’t even know how useful could be but…

These days analytics are quite important in a lot of applications, and I guess that we all have heard about their potential usages (features most used, exceptions/errors thrown, etc). A nice way of having data about the real usage of your software.

Obviously I’m aware that this topic has privacy issues but, given the architecture of Atom, do you think that it would be (potentially) possible to load some analytics tool in our packages? (Google Analytics, Mixpanel)

Obviously users should be aware that this tracking is happening, and should be some way of disabling it. Performance issues and using Atom without connection are problems that should be addressed too. Anyway, having all details in mind, what do you think?

Thanks a lot!


If I’m not wrong, Atom does currently harvest analysis through Google Analytics via its metrics package, for the reasons you stated above. You can look into its source if needed! repo here


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