An idea to increase peformance



I am no coder (well i am but not in the sense where i can make a text editor) but why not cache atom in to the computers memory to lower start up time and release it when the computer is shutting down. So when the OS starts atom will be cached. If the user wants to release atom himself there so be a button or something to close the editor and release it from memory


I think I saw a discussion about dumping the app memory on exit somewhere, sorry I can’t find it right now, so yes it’s still considered but if I recall correctly, it involve some tricky work with chrome internals so they put a hold on this waiting for changes in chromium. I’ll update when I’ll find the github issue.

Edit: I think is the one:


It’s something a lot of big-time applications do as well, especially if they take a whole minute or so to load otherwise.

Back when the big discussion about atom startup performance was at its peak, I remember pointing out that Atom was sitting on the razor’s edge between a text editor and a full-fledged IDE, and its performance (at the time quite a bit slower than it is now) is situated in that same middle ground.

If you compare it to Notepad++, it seems quite the sloth sometimes (although what doesn’t?), but if you compare it to Eclipse or IntelliJ products, Atom startup is pretty impressive.

And it’s packages and personal customizations that often make the difference towards one side or the other.


I find this idea of caching the app in to memory as a great to save start up time. I know app like skype use.


Atom already caches a lot of state on exit. It caches the state of editors and other views, the layout of panes, etc. I’m not sure how much more it could cache on exit for use at startup and if that would really be helpful. For example if you close Atom when editing one project and start it up with another … none of that cached state is useful.