An Atom Web App?


An Atom web app would be awesome to see and would solve the cross-platform difficulties, causing many a protest(I say this as a Linux user). If there was an Atom Web App created, then I would be able to code with Atom, regardless of the platform I am using.

  • It could be linked with Dropbox and other cloud storage services.

  • Git plugin? See JS-Git

  • It could also have no back-end, as a static-only web app.(Dropbox JS supports that)

  • Why not?

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I was just thinking something along these lines. I realize, of course, that part of the whole point of Atom’s design is the Atom Shell, using the customized version of Chromium instead of a regular web browser – but the smaller apps that run inside Atom now would mean that an Atom web app could still be useful, even if the file system stuff were left out for a static app. Or filesystem access could be handled on the server side.


I would love to see this, too. Does someone familiar with the Atom code base have any recommendations on how best to achieve such a thing? What are the practical pieces that would need to be changed to realize such a thing?


It shouldn’t take a large amount of effort given that atom is already a web based program. In fact atom is basically just google chrome with nothing but the actual web page. Obviously there is a bit more to it with that because electron is not exactly that, but mostly what needs to be done is a backend.


There’s multiple browser code editor available now.

However for atom there’s this work in progress.
It doesn’t seem very active but does highlight the amount of work that would be needed


The backend is everything. The editor logic and API are what make Atom different from something like Ace, and any browser-based version of Atom would need to be compatible with most of the packages that Atom users use.