An Atom launcher for Windows, to use with file associations


Yesterday I started using Atom editor and it’s a great piece of software. However it’s not really Windows friendly. Because it installs in a version named folder it’s not feasible to associate file types with it. I also use WinSCP frequently and edit files off of my servers. And if the folder name changes then I would have to update the editor each time in WinSCP.

So, I started a small project where I have an executable that launches the latest version of Atom with the filename of the file you double clicked on passed as an argument.

I have added a call to update.exe before it launches atom.exe. But because I just started using Atom and there haven’t been any updates the past 24 hours I haven’t been able to confirm that it’s working.

So if you want to try it out, you can download the zip file from the Dropbox link below and place the EXE file in any folder. It will assume atom.exe is in it’s default location (appdata\local\atom).

As for the icon of the executable, I wasn’t sure if it’s allowed to use the Atom icon.


Cool! There’s also Windows Explorer file associations for Atom


Thanks for making this. I use Total Commander for file management on Windows and was previously unable to point to Atom as the default F4 / Edit command. Pointing to AtomLauncher.exe works like expected.