An admin should set IRC channel topic and modes for #atom-shell on Freenode


I think a topic should be set on the Atom-Shell IRC channel as well as some channel modes set (for instance topiclock, keeptopic, guard, url and founder). There are probably some other options you’d probably want to set as well.

Here is a list of things that can be set.

/msg chanserv help set

-ChanServ- ***** ChanServ Help *****
-ChanServ- Help for SET:
-ChanServ- SET allows you to set various control flags
-ChanServ- for channels that change the way certain
-ChanServ- operations are performed on them.
-ChanServ- The following subcommands are available:
-ChanServ- EMAIL           Sets the channel e-mail address.
-ChanServ- ENTRYMSG        Sets the channel's entry message.
-ChanServ- FOUNDER         Transfers foundership of a channel.
-ChanServ- GUARD           Sets whether or not services will inhabit the channel.
-ChanServ- KEEPTOPIC       Enables topic retention.
-ChanServ- MLOCK           Sets channel mode lock.
-ChanServ- NOSYNC          Disables automatic channel ACL syncing.
-ChanServ- PRIVATE         Hides information about a channel.
-ChanServ- PROPERTY        Manipulates channel metadata.
-ChanServ- RESTRICTED      Restricts access to the channel to users on the access list. (Other users are kickbanned.)
-ChanServ- SECURE          Prevents unauthorized users from gaining operator status.
-ChanServ- TOPICLOCK       Restricts who can change the topic.
-ChanServ- URL             Sets the channel URL.
-ChanServ- VERBOSE         Notifies channel about access list modifications.
-ChanServ- For more specific help use /msg ChanServ HELP SET command.
-ChanServ- ***** End of Help *****


I’m moving this discussion back to the original Github issue reported on Atom-Shell since this has gone 7 days with no response. I’m aware that only a couple people have admin rights on the IRC channel but it was suggested to move this issue here. Moving here has had no effect.


Sorry I missed this one …

@thedaniel, can you help out?


This was taken care of by @thedaniel just a few minutes ago.