Ambiguous 401 error message when apm calls unpublish


I got 401 “Unauthorized” when I unpublish my own package.
This is because I renamed github repository name.
You may authorize by github repository ownership?
After that, I renamed the repo name to old name, then this problem was solved :wink:

But, I think I spent more than necessary time because of ambiguous error message.

The token is already regenerated.

Related apm code:

      request.del options, (error, response, body={}) =>
        if error?
        else if response.statusCode isnt 204
          message = body.message ? body.error ? body
          callback("Unpublishing failed: #{message}")

I think this is not apm problem, but atom REST api.
You should returns more friendly error message, I think. :smiley:

“Unauhorized. Do you have ownership of the package repository?”