Always asking to set as URI handler :: Atom V1.23 Beta0 installed as a portable version



The following message greets me each time I open Atom V1.23 Beta0:

The installation is done on a Windows7 machine as a portable version.
I have answered No, never but the message keeps coming back.

  1. What is this function for?
    (please in plain English)

  2. Why does the message keep coming back yet the settings has:

  3. atom --safe has no influence.

  4. Answering no has no influence.

  5. yes always makes the message not come up again.
    Thereafter the never become the default atom://URI handler can be set in settings.
    The message does not come on again.

- Dan

Register as default atom:// URI handler?

This sounds like a bug, would you mind opening an issue for it at Let me know if you have any further questions.

Register as default atom:// URI handler?

Thank you for a prompt reply.
It is much appreciated. :+1:

From reading the new entry in the flight manual, I am left worried about the URI handler. I am left with the impression that there is a big security gap opening up. :hushed:

It would be possible to be aggressive and load unwanted sources onto a machine. Team Atom is co-operating with FB now - right? :thinking: (There are good reasons why I’m not on FB anymore.)

I am already unhappy :frowning_face:
that there is no switch in Atom to not access the web.
Firewall configuration does that for me now.


I haven’t followed the URI issue too closely but I know that there was a lot of consideration put into talking about potential security issues and how to mitigate them before the PRs were approved. I’m confident that the Atom team will be aggressively taking action against offending packages, and if it turns out that we need to rethink how URIs are handled then I’m sure we’ll do that as well.

Facebook has helped get Atom to where it is today and has sparked some innovative features (for example, Docks or the more robust command handling). You are not alone in staying away from Facebook - I too am committed to not having a Facebook account. However, I really appreciate their consistent contributions to Atom and I’m glad to see the two working together to make a better editor for everyone.


I do like your optimistic outlook.