AltGraph problem


I have not standart keyboard layout and i need to use AltGraph± combination. But in atom it’s command for change size of panel. I try insert this
’atom-workspace atom-pane’:
‘ctrl-alt–’: 'abort!‘
and this
’atom-workspace atom-pane’:
‘ctrl-alt–’: 'unset!'
into my keymap.cson

But it didn’t help =(


Please screenshot the results of the Keybinding Resolver (Packages -> Keybinding Resolver -> Toggle, then press the key sequence in question) and share them with us.

The unset! instruction is the correct one, but we need to find out where in the cascade of keybindings it appears. Atom will show you all keybindings that the sequence triggers, and mark the one that ends up getting triggered.


I restore keymaps to default and then create again all my key bindings. But it didn’t help. I try again and it works now =) Don’t know what i do wrong first and second times :smiley:
But thx for answer =)