AltGR on swedish keyboard on macOS


I have been trying on both Atom 1.14 and Atom Beta 1.15.0 and when on a mac with Swedish layout, the AltGr key is not honoured making shortcuts like “Fold current row”, alt + cmd + [ inaccessible. Instead it results in an outdent , cmd + [. The [ and ] on a Swedish layout is typed with alt (or altgr) + 8 or 9.
Is there a solution for this or one of the resisting quirks that are still unresolved when it comes to internationalised shortcuts?


@Ben3eeE is this the kind of thing your new package was intended to solve?


No. My package intended to solve the reverse problem. A keybinding causing you to be unable to write a character that is accessed using AltGraph.

Trying to jump in and help anyway:

I am a bit unfamiliar with the details of how macOS resolves keys but the mentioned keybinding and more are not accessible at all on Windows with a Swedish layout because they are bound to a keystroke that is impossible to type. On Windows we have to bind these commands to a different location. The åäö keys is a great place to put them.

Possible solutions are:

  • Change the keybinding for these commands. I use the following to be able to access all commands:
'atom-workspace atom-text-editor:not([mini])':
  'ctrl-alt-ö': 'editor:fold-current-row'
  'ctrl-alt-ä': 'editor:unfold-current-row'
  'ctrl-å': 'editor:fold-all' # Atom Specific
  'ctrl-alt-å': 'editor:unfold-all' # Atom Specific
  'ctrl-alt-shift-ö': 'editor:fold-selection'


This problem arise under Linux as well so the same as with windows, the keystrokes are impossible to type. Looks like macOS resolves altgr -> alt whereas linux resolves it to altgr but both (and I assume windows) can’t handle two alts at the same time.
I am guessing that means a custom keystroke resolver would be platform specific?
For now I’ll remap the commands I need with åäö, works crossplatform. Thanks.


Yes, the custom keystroke resolver would be platform specific. Or one custom resolver that checks for current platform and acts accordingly.

It is also not possible to write a custom keystroke resolver to resolve this correctly on Windows because Windows does not have a dedicated AltGraph key. Ctrl-Alt is the same thing as AltGraph.