ALTGR + - keys creating space on right side


In tr_TR Q keyboard, when I press ALTGR + - (minus) keys, creating space on right.
For what?

How can I solve it? I’m trying to type “|”.

Like this:


See the FAQ:


Thanks for answer.

I tried it with my keyboard option, but still altgr - - combination spacing right side.

This is the Keymap-Generator output:

Identifier U+00BD
Code: 189
Modifier: altgr


Thanks for the Keymap-Generator output. Unfortunately, there is still a long-standing Chrome bug that is preventing us from getting the key code. It is supposed to be fixed in Chrome v50 though, if I recall correctly. We’re not sure if the fix will help yet, but we’ll be updating the issues as we get information.


Hi, had the same problem and just started trying all combinations to remove that blank space on the right (because it covered 80% of my screen…) and AltGr + Shift + 0 worked for me.