AltGr is supported today in keymap.cson?


AltGr is supported today in keymap.cson?
If yes, how can I write(‘altgr-ì’, ‘alt-gr-ì’)?
If not, there are some tricks you can use to detect it?


No, there isn’t a method for detecting AltGr separately from Ctrl+Alt. If you want to create a keybinding for AltGr+I, you can write it as alt-ctrl-i.


Can I ask if it is in a short project to implement something to fill that gap?
Do you think it is possible to identify the id of the key programming at lower levels of keymap.cson maybe if I make a package?


No, it isn’t a simple project. We spent a lot of time rewriting the key resolution system recently and differentiating between the AltGr key and the Ctrl+Alt combination requires digging even deeper into the internals of things than we did for the rewrite. (And the solution would be OS-specific at best.) So it wouldn’t be something that you could just handle with a package. But if you’re comfortable with C++ and your OS keyboard hardware APIs, perhaps you could take a look at the keyboard-layout package and see if you can give it a try :grinning: