Alternative to (S)FTP Packages / Workflows


I appreciate this marks me out as old school (similar to these guys) but for a long time I’ve been using (s)ftp to update (mainly WordPress) websites on remote shared hosting plans. Tools include Espresso, Coda and FTP clients like Transmit.

Moving to Atom, I see there are a few FTP packages available but they aren’t hugely popular.

So, I’m wondering what packages/methods a one-person web dev like me should consider using as an alternative when working in Atom, given that most shared hosting plans don’t have Git running on them. Is there some smarter way of deploying using Atom on such basic hosts without Git running?

I do use Git locally.

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I used for a while last year. I had no problems.


In terms of a workflow, I suppose that really depends on what your hoster allows and what you can set up yourself.

You could install git on your hosting server if you have root access and create a post-commit hook that updates your production (or test or dev) files whenever a staging repo on that server receives a push.

If you have no way of using git on the server, there are some wordpress plugins that might help you set up something that works similarly.


I wonder… Maybe it’s sufficient to set up a script that rsyncs the files over to your host? Then you edit, then run the script.

Hm. I guess the rsync workflow assumes that you can test locally so that you don’t have to send the files on every edit.


If you have ssh access and write permissions for the remote files and directories, you could install sshfs, mount the remote directory on your local machine, and edit directly. You don’t mention your OS/platform. I use this workflow on my mac development machine.


Thanks to you all for the great replies.

I spent the day investigating various options. It seems that most cpanel-based accounts do, in fact, have Git installed. To use it “like FTP” - that is, to deploy the application (files included) to the remote server, I found this useful tutorial. I have set it up with my SIteGround hosting account and it works fine.

@mark_hahn - I’ll give remote-sync a go next time there’s no git - thanks for the suggestion.

@batjko - I have no idea revisr even existed (never needed it) - tried it out today. Pretty good!

@kgrossjo & @pjv - I run MAMP locally, get the files right, then want to move them to the remote. After playing about today, the solution I link to will work for me, but thanks for the suggestions. Great to know there are so many options.