Alternative to bundled fuzzy-finder


Are there any alternatives to bundled fuzzy-finder plugin?

I’m searching for it because bundled fuzzy-finder became unusable. It was always slow compared to Sublime’s one, it took one to two seconds to find match. But two or three months ago after Atom’s update fuzzy-finder started to just hang right after summoning it and it takes around 1 minute to just close finder dialog, not even saying about searching anything.

Yes, my project is pretty large, but it worked before. I see several performance issues on GitHub tracker, but they are not being actively fixed.

I found some fuzzy-finder-plus, but it’s description isn’t english and it seems to be abandoned.


The one which is bundled with nuclide is pretty fast. Nuclide:

But sadly you can’t download only nuclide fuzzy finder without downloading entire nuclide