Alternative or "classic" copy/paste shortcuts do not work - CTRL+INS/SHIFT+INS


I grew up programming in the DOS days where copy was CTRL+INS and paste was SHIFT+INS.

So far every other editor and IDE I have used (and that is a lot) has implemented both CTRL+C/CTRL+V but also CTRL+INS/SHIFT+INS for us “originals” :).

Atom is the first editor I have come across so far that does not implement these alternative shortcuts, and I find this quite annoying because mussle memory has trained me to use these over CTRL+C/CTRL+V.

It would be nice to see these implemented in Atom.


There is a bug filed for this:


After raising that bug, and following the advise given there, I found putting this into your keymap is all it takes:

  'ctrl-insert': 'core:copy'
  'shift-insert': 'core:paste'