Alternative identifer issue with record duplication


We have encountered a problem with adding alternative identifiers when we are duplicating a record. It appears that the Identifier added to the new record is copying back to the original record.

We are working around this by not adding the alternative identifiers until we have completed the record set, but wonder why this is happening and how to avoid the problem.



I’m not sure what it is you’re asking. Do you have a screenshot of what you’re trying to do?



Thanks for getting back to me so quickly - not sure how a screen shot would help (I can but not sure how to attach it here?). At the Item level - in the Title note area there is a field for Alternate Identifier(s). We are adding in Label field (“accession number”) and then in the Identifier we are adding an alpha-numeric number and saving it. When we use the duplication process - copying a record - when we change the information for this Item level description - the Alternate Identifier on this new record is overwriting the original Item Level description that we duplicated. Is this clearer?



Not really, this is a forum for the Atom Programmer’s Editor. The website is here:

I’m not familiar with the terminology you’re using, for example:

  • Item level (there are lots of things that could be considered “items” in Atom)
  • Label field (again, lots of label fields … but none of them that I know of are designed to be editable)
  • Atom doesn’t really work with “records” but with text in a file

Are you sure you’re in the right place?


I am in the wrong place…


I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you find the right place soon :smile:

Closing this topic so that people don’t necro it later without reading it :laughing:

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